Ready to Reserve a Spot for your Group?  

FIELD TRIPS: Educational and Fun for only $3 each!

Bring your class out during regular business hours for a day that is filled with both education, exploration, and excitement. They will learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin and get to see, touch, and learn the names of many different gourds and pumpkins, as well as a few fall flowers. They will also get to see and touch the inside of a pumpkin and eat a pumpkin seed. Then take your class through the corn maze and have some eye spy fun! Enjoy playing games in the barn, scooping up some corn in the corn box, crawling through the tunnel maze,  playing on the hay stacks, racing ducks in the duck races, walking through our new gourd trellis, and jumping on the hay bounce. Before you leave, your class will get to pick their own Jack-be-little -pumpkin out of the field to take home! We also have a picnic area available. Field trips are $3 per person.  Teachers and aides are free but parents and children who accompany the parents but are not class members are expected to pay as well.  At Taylor`s, we love special needs kids!  They are welcome here, however please bring adequate help.  Click here.

Please have your group predivided into groups with leaders.  When you arrive we will meet you at your bus and escort you to an area where you will be treated to an investigative, educational presentation.  Then each group leader will be given a map of the farm, an eye spy in the corn maze check list, a sheet that reminds leaders what is included in their fun for the day, and finally you are free to roam about the farm for a fun filled day!  

**If your children bring any extra "fun" money along, we have lots of fun novelty items for sale in the Harvest Shop. They can buy a small pumpkin for the pumpkin chucker for 50cents. These are sold seperately from the field trip day pass. 


Private Party Bonfire Rental:  We WORK; You RELAX!
Rent your own private bonfire for $45 for the night. Fire will be lit when you arrive and hay bales will be set up around the fire for seating. There will be a table set up for your food and receptacles for your trash. Only your party will have access to the fire. Feel free to bring your own food and drinks or buy them from us when you get here. If your group has a party of 15 or more, the price of your armbands is discounted to $7. You must call ahead and reserve your night and time to rent a private bonfire. Click here now to register; our calendar fills up fast. We have 5 private fires available each night that we are open. First come, first serve.  
Unless you are 2 years old or under, you must pay to be on the farm.  $9 for a pass unless you have rented a bonfire and have a group of 15 or more with that bonfire rental, in that case you will pay $7.